Cockroach in Chocolate

Cockroach in Chocolate

Food processing is a procedure through which raw produce is taken from the farm and is used to manufacture various edible materials by mixing them with other ingredients. For example, potatoes are grown on a farm on a large scale. When harvested, they can be used at home to make fries, mashed potatoes, breakfast potatoes, and other foods, all of which form part of our carbs diet. After being taken to the factory, they are produced, mixed with other materials like potato chips and cheddar. Coffee is another processed product sold in grains where the finest are or more expensive than coarse grains.

Certain communities consume products like coffee or tea straight from the farm, enjoying the freshness it provides. Those who consume fresh farm produce live healthier lives, keeping at bay conditions resulting from consuming such products. These processed foods tend to kill us slowly from within, reducing life expectancy compared to people who consume fresh foods. Such people are more likely to live longer and stay strong even at their old age, doing what those who consumed manufactured foods struggle to do.

Such companies would bribe their way

Sometimes, companies go through extremes to achieve the perfect product, and the consumers are mostly unaware of what goes on during this process. They may indicate the ingredients they use on the package, but when consuming it, you find that you are reacting to something, yet the ingredients list has checked all things you are not allergic to. This raises many questions about what goes on behind the production of certain foods. Sometimes, employees from such facilities are made to sign non-disclosure agreements, where they should not speak about what happens there. Some will tell their peers or family of the harms of consuming certain products since these companies are out to make a profit rather than caring about the health of their consumers.

Such companies would bribe their way through health inspections since they have tapped into their consumers and are making good profits at the end of the day. Some consumers are aware of some of these secret ingredients added to such foods but would still turn a blind eye because they’re sweet. They’re ready to sacrifice temporary satisfaction for permanent health damage.

Cockroach in Chocolate

A processed food product that shocked everyone about its processing is chocolate. Chocolates are mainly made from cocoa beans which are dried and processed to have the final product. Cocoa butter is added to it, as well as sugar and milk powder. Those are the materials that make the base product, after which other materials are added to entice the flavor while adding a variety of options in the market. These side materials include mint, nuts, alcohol-infused, all done to meet the demands of different customers.

However, the shocking thing about chocolate is what is used as an ingredient and is not labeled on the package, cockroaches. Cockroaches are added to chocolates as part of the recipe, and this could be what many of those who are allergic to chocolate are reacting to. When not lactose intolerant or not allergic to cocoa beans, then you could be reacting to the cockroaches. This is not news to the Food and Drug Administration because they are aware of the use of these insects in this recipe. They may argue that when used in small amounts, it is harmless, but the thought of consuming roaches irks everyone. Some will entirely stop consuming them, while others will turn a blind eye to this fact and continue eating them.

There are approximately eight insects in one bar, and it’s argued that this is done to control their numbers. Another alternative would be to produce more pesticides, which would cause harm to the environment, producing poisonous gases. Even if they’re not as harmful to the body, that is a depressing and disgusting fact.

No chocolate producing company has no cockroaches in their final products. Regardless of how far or how thoroughly you look for them, every chocolate bar from all companies contains cockroaches in their ingredients. You will not see their legs or body with your physical eye because it’s processed with the other components and fused into one bar.